parawilbur at bellwoods flea 2015

Lasercut wooden pins, various paper stationeries, hand embroidered and pressed flower buttons.

By yours truly! More to come.

afternoon chat 

Number fifty four. My contribution to Sabrina Smelko's 365 Days of Type. (Thumbnails)


Build up of basic elements of design. 

Each box represent people; it could be one's heart, knowledge, or belongings. They each have different amount and thrives to fill more in without sharing. However, the truth is, people who open up what they have, are the ones who are able to take in more things. As you can see, the small boxes are contained in big box filled with water. As soon as they open up, the boxes will be even fuller than before. Simple truth, but hard to practice. 
Scanned and cropped version.
banana placebo

Self-published book compiling my illustrations and poetries.